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Dubrovnik Old Town
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Take home the tastes of Croatia

Welcome to our Kitchen

Homegrown & blended on the Adriatic Coast

We are Mikki's Croatian Kitchen, a small family-operated business that offers our customers homegrown, handpicked and handmade Croatian products. All ingredients are grown on our farm in Dubrovnik and picked seasonally or sourced locally. We pride ourselves on not using any pesticide or chemical sprays in our garden. Our flock of free-range chickens love to take care of any pests that may find their way into our garden.

We aim to be as eco-minded and sustainable as possible and are continually striving to show our local community better ways to think and be green. We welcome you to explore our homemade products. Dobrodošli! Welcome!

Zupa, Dubrovnik
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Benefit from the power of nature

Our products are handcrafted using materials and ingredients from our own garden or collected from other like-minded local providers. As Mother Nature is an amazing provider, we've learned to make the best of what she can offer to create our various products.


Natural ingredients will always have slight variations in taste, appearance and abundance each season. allowing our products to slightly evolve throughout the seasons. As all of our products are handmade, each will be unique, and no two items will be exact.

Summer Must-Haves
Things to do in Dubrovnik

Farm to Table in Župa 

Are you in Dubrovnik? Looking for a fun, informative and peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of tourists?

  • Join Mikki in a hands-on cooking class and learn how to make your own Croatian dishes.

  • Relax around our Summer Kitchen outdoor table to enjoy your lunch and taste our homemade herbal water, rakijas and wines. 

  • Wander through our garden, pick fresh herbs and vegetable leaves to make a nut-free garden-fresh pesto to accompany your meal.

  • Meet our happy free-roaming chickens who keep our lemon orchard free of weeds and pests.

  • Learn how we are living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle as much as possible here in our beautiful Župa valley.


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