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Origami makes our "BEEcause We Care" Beeswax Wraps even more versatile!

DIY Origami Cup video

DIY Origami Cup step by step

Make your own cup using our "BEEcause We Care" Beeswax Wraps! Just follow our slide diagrams below to create a quick and easy cup or bowl. Use it to store coins, beads, thumbtacks, and any other small objects.

I will keep finding new ways to fold your "BEEcause We Care" Beeswax Wraps so keep following :)

Even better, if you know of an easy fold that could be used please leave it in the comments below.

I am so proud of our "BEEcause We Care" Beeswax wraps, they are such a simple yet effective way of helping our planet on a daily basis by replacing single-use plastics.

Would you like to start today? Simply go to our online store and order NOW!

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