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Hot & Cold Set of Therapeutic Wheat Cushions (2-Pack)

Hot & Cold Set of Therapeutic Wheat Cushions (2-Pack)


Filled with wheat and fragrant dried rosemary, lemon, sage, and lavender, this therapeutic pillow for back, large muscle groups, and joints provides soothing pressure while helping release toxins from your muscles, reduces back tension, promotes relaxation, and alleviates muscle aches. Better yet? Its versatile design can be cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave/oven for cold or hot therapy! 


You'll get TWO pillows, one to be used for heat therapy and the other for cold therapy, handmade with flexible materials and includes a removable, washable cover making it easy to wrap around your back or place on larger muscles and joints. Since they are made with wheat, our therapeutic pillows retain heat/cold much better than those made with chemical alternatives. 



* NOTE: We do not recommend using a single cushion for both heat and cold therapy under any circumstances as the natural ingredients won't fluctuate well with the temperature variance.

100% cotton-lined pillow filled with 100% pesticide-free & heat-treated local wheat, Croatian lavender, wild sage, rosemary, and lemon rind. Cotton cover included is removable and washable.



  • 2 x Therapeutic Wheat Cushions
  • 1 x Cotton cover, removable and washable
  • 1 x Instructions & recommendations for use


**ASSORTED COLOURS: We will do our best to honour color choice, however stock is based on availability and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

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