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Therapeutic Wheat Cushions

Our natural Therapeutic Wheat Cushions are an excellent, effective, and eco-friendly alternative to chemical-filled cushions used for heat and cold therapy. Our cushions are homemade using 100% cotton, filled with pesticide and chemical-free, wheat, dehydrated rosemary and lemon or sage and lavender - components and ingredients that you can feel good about using.

Our therapeutic pillows are a perfect way to provide soothing pressure while helping release toxins from your muscles, reduce back, neck & facial tension, promote relaxation, alleviate headaches and muscle aches.

Better yet? Its versatile design allows it to be stored in the freezer and when needed it is still pliable, it will not melt retaining its temperature without all the mess.


Our Therapeutic Cushions

  • Natural

  • Filled with organic, therapeutic herbs and wheat

  • For use with heat & cold therapy

  • Alleviates aches & pains and promotes relaxation

  • Great for head, neck, back, and larger muscle groups and joints

Benefits of HEAT therapy


  • Controlled heat increases blood flow delivering oxygen and nutrients to the area

  • Reduces muscle spasm  

  • Relaxes and relieves pain associated with menstruation

  • Increases motion of joints

  • Assists to relieve pain associated with ear or dental infection

Benefits of COLD therapy

  • Reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow

  • Assists with the recovery of nerve damage

  • Helps relieve migraines and headaches

  • Helps with associated pain of sinuses

  • Relieves hot flushing associated with menopause

* NOTE: If you require both heat & cold therapy you should use 2 separate cushions. We do not recommend using a single cushion for both hot and cold therapy under any circumstances as the natural ingredients won't fluctuate well with the temperature variance.

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