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Therapeutic Wheat Cushions

Our natural Therapeutic Wheat Cushions are an excellent, effective, and eco-friendly alternative to chemical-filled cushions used for heat and cold therapy. Our cushions are homemade using 100% cotton, filled with pesticide and chemical-free, wheat, dehydrated rosemary and lemon or sage and lavender - components and ingredients that you can feel good about using.

Our therapeutic pillows are a perfect way to provide soothing pressure while helping release toxins from your muscles, reduce back, neck & facial tension, promote relaxation, alleviate headaches and muscle aches.

Better yet? Its versatile design allows it to be stored in the freezer and when needed it is still pliable, it will not melt retaining its temperature without all the mess.


Our Therapeutic Cushions

  • Natural

  • Filled with organic, therapeutic herbs and wheat

  • For use with heat & cold therapy

  • Alleviates aches & pains and promotes relaxation

  • Great for head, neck, back, and larger muscle groups and joints

Benefits of HEAT therapy


  • Controlled heat increases blood flow delivering oxygen and nutrients to the area

  • Reduces muscle spasm  

  • Relaxes and relieves pain associated with menstruation

  • Increases motion of joints

  • Assists to relieve pain associated with ear or dental infection

Benefits of COLD therapy

  • Reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow

  • Assists with the recovery of nerve damage

  • Helps relieve migraines and headaches

  • Helps with associated pain of sinuses

  • Relieves hot flushing associated with menopause

* NOTE: If you require both heat & cold therapy you should use 2 separate cushions. We do not recommend using a single cushion for both hot and cold therapy under any circumstances as the natural ingredients won't fluctuate well with the temperature variance.

Quick Instructions



Remove cover before heating

  • Small Cushion: 2 MIN

  • Large Cushion: 4 MIN


Remove cover before heating. Preheat oven to 120°C.

  • Small Cushions: 10-15 MIN

  • Large Cushion: 15-20 MIN


Place in the freezer with or without cover.

  • Small & Large Cushions: Allow 3-4 hours to cool

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use Therapeutic Wheat Cushions?

  • How do I heat and use my wheat cushion?

  • How do I chill and use my wheat cushion?

  • What is the lifespan of my cushion?


How long can my cushion last?

General Information

Machine washable cover and instructions of use and care included.


Lifespan of Cushion

  • Heat cushion used regularly 3 times a month or more and stored as directed has a lifespan of over 2 years.

  • Cold cushion stored in a freezer as directed has a lifespan of over 4 years.

How do I heat or chill my cushion?

Instructions for Microwave Heating

  1. Remove the cushion from cover

  2. Fold the wheat cushion in half and place it in the centre of the microwave plate

  3. Using maximum setting.

    • Small Cushion:  2 MINUTES MAXIMUM

    • Large Cushion:  4 MINUTES MAXIMUM

  4. Be sure the cushion is rotating freely without obstruction

  5. When heated carefully remove the cushion and place it inside the cover provided

Instructions For Oven Heating

  1. Preheat the oven to 120ºC**

  2. Remove the cushion from cover

  3. Lay the cushion flat onto the oven tray

  4. Using maximum setting.

    • Small Cushion:  10-15 MINUTES MAXIMUM

    • Large Cushion:  15-20 MINUTES MAXIMUM 

  5. When heated carefully remove cushion and place inside cover provided

**Please note oven times and temperatures may vary. These are the recommended times and temperatures only. Use common sense and caution as it pertains to your oven.

Instructions for Freezing

  1. The cushion may be kept with or without cover

  2. Place the cushion (and cover) inside a freezer bag or container.

  3. Allow a minimum of 3-4 HOURS to cool; the cushion may be stored permanently in the freezer when not in use.

  4. Remove the cushion from the freezer bag or container and place it in the cover provided.


Other Instructions

IMPORTANT: Test temperature on the inside of your wrist BEFORE applying cushion onto the treatment area.

  • Rest cushion on the affected area for approximately 20 MINUTES

  • If cushion needs to be reheated and is still warm REHEAT ONLY FOR 2 MINUTES

What can I treat using my cushion?


Using a HOT wheat cushion as instructed. Test temperature on inside wrist before resting the cushion over the affected area for approximately 20 minutes.


Using a COLD wheat cushion as instructed rest on the back of the head between the ears the base of the skull for 15 mins alternatively rest on the forehead and head for 15 minutes.


Suitable for ALTERNATING Hot & Cold Therapy.

  1. Alternate using HEAT Cushion for 20 minutes on injured/sore area,

  2. Remove cushion and REST for 10 minutes 

  3. Replace with COLD cushion for 15 minutes

  4. Remove cushion and REST for 10 minutes 

  5. Repeat procedure

*REMINDER: When using alternating HOT & COLD Therapy, using two separate cushions is essential

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