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BEEcause we care

Our Beeswax Food Wraps are an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to plastic food wrap, plastic food bags, and aluminium foil. Our wraps are made entirely plastic-free, using 100% cotton, 100% local Croatian beeswax, homegrown olive oil and pine resin - components and ingredients that you can feel good about using.


Our wraps are a perfect way to store and seal jars, bowls, containers, and all types of food. Use them to wrap sandwiches, cover leftover food and protect food from insects. As an alternative to plastic bags, our wraps can also be used to store snacks and toiletries while on-the-go! As they are made from beeswax, they are naturally water-resistant, reusable for at least a year, biodegradable and essential to your kitchen!




​Last for at least a year if cared for properly




Replaces the need for plastic wrap & containers




Made using sustainable materials: 100% cotton, 100% Croatian beeswax, olive oil, & pine resin

Why beeswax wraps?

A solution to plastic

It is estimated that over 50% of plastic created is single-use plastic. This is plastic that is created to be used one time only and then thrown away - such as plastic bottles, plastic takeaway coffee lids, and plastic food wrap. With over 10 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the sea every year, it is important that we all try and reduce our plastic use and do what we can for the environment. 

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How Do I Use My Wrap?

Activate the wrap by crushing it into your fist, using the warmth of your hands mould your Eco-Friendly Beeswax Wrap around the mouth of bowls, jars or around food items. The beeswax acts as a self-adhesive and will hold its shape once cooled, creating a seal.

The seals can be used on fresh and refrigerated food and even frozen goods!

What Can I Use My Wrap For?

Almost anything you can think of! The Eco-Friendly Beeswax Wraps are ideal for items such as cheese, cured meats, bread, fruits and vegetables. The Wraps can also be used to protect foods that have been cut, such as half an onion, half a cucumber, or lemon wedges. 

The Wraps are perfect for school or work lunches and can be used for fruit slices, vegetable sticks, sandwiches, rolls and snacks. 


You can even use your wrap to protect your toothbrush and soap while travelling! As the wraps are naturally water-resistant, you can throw your soap in with your luggage and know that your clothes will be safe.

What Should I Avoid Using My Wrap For?

As the wraps are made with beeswax, they are susceptible to heat! Let your food cool down before wrapping, as hot or warm food could damage the wrap. 

If you want to protect raw meat or fish, place the raw food in a bowl or container and use the wrap to cover the mouth of the container. Do not use wraps directly on raw meat or fish and avoid letting wraps touch raw food!

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How Do I Care For My Wrap?​

Wash your wrap in cool or cold water with a mild detergent, and allow to air dry before folding or storing. Do not over-wash, as this can reduce the life of your Wrap.

As your Wrap is made using beeswax, it is susceptible to heat. Therefore, use in microwaves, ovens or dishwashers will damage your Wrap. 

With proper care, each Eco-Friendly Beeswax Wrap can last for up to a minimum of one year to a couple of years! - if stored, cleaned and used properly. Our Wraps are also biodegradable, and will be broken down within 5 months - simply throw the Wrap in with your compost, or bury in soil! 

DIY Origami Cup

Make your own cup using our Beeswax Wraps! Just follow our diagram below to create a quick and easy cup or bowl. Use it to store coins, beads, thumbtacks, and any other small objects. 

How to fold your Beeswax Cup:

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