Sugar & Spice

Croatian culture centres on food. Mouth-watering dishes... sitting around the table with friends and family... sharing meals with love and laughter... this is what Croatia is about. 

We have always grown vegetables, fruits and herbs in the garden. I have been fortunate enough to learn from local women the many plants and herbs that are available in nearby forests, mountains and the seaside. It was only natural to make my own blends of seasonings, preserves and body products to use personally and gift to friends. Many friends and guests started to request more and more of my homemade produce commenting on how the flavours, aromas and to feel reminded them of their holiday and great memories of Croatia.

And thus, Mikki´s Croatian Kitchen was created.

IMG_1207 Citrus powder 01.jpg
IMG_1377 seafood salt 01.jpg


& homegrown

Using local flavours and seasonings, we've put together a variety of spices and sugar blends to help bring home the tastes of Croatia. We've still got some Australian roots and have also spiced up a few of our seasonings for that extra kick. 

Since all of our food seasonings and sugars come from our garden, our products may run seasonally and will change from time to time depending on our harvest.