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  Sugar & Spice

Croatian culture centres on food. Mouth-watering dishes... sitting around the table with friends and family... sharing meals with love and laughter... this is what Croatia is about. 

We have always grown vegetables, fruits and herbs in the garden. I have been fortunate enough to learn from local women the many plants and herbs that are available in nearby forests, mountains and the seaside. It was only natural to make my own blends of seasonings, preserves and body products to use personally and gift to friends. Many friends and guests started to request more and more of my homemade produce commenting on how the flavours, aromas and to feel reminded them of their holiday and great memories of Croatia.

And thus, Mikki´s Croatian Kitchen was created.

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& homegrown

Using local flavours and seasonings, we've put together a variety of spices and sugar blends to help bring home the tastes of Croatia. We've still got some Australian roots and have also spiced up a few of our seasonings for that extra kick. 

Since all of our food seasonings and sugars come from our garden, our products may run seasonally and will change from time to time depending on our harvest. 

Our essential packs of homegrown, organic Croatian spice. Bringing the tastes of Croatia home to your kitchen.

Meat Rub

Croatian meals usually centre around a meat of some sort - beef, lamb, pork or octopus. Our meat rub is the perfect combination of flavour enhancing Adriatic herbs and spices. Applied directly or added to any sauce or stock it will elevate the fragrance and flavour immediately. Meat Rub is highlighted in our Mid-week Peka night. This traditional slow-cooked method  where our meat, potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots are placed under a heavy metal dome which is covered with coals and left for 2 to 3 hours.

Buy our Meat Rub as part of the Kitchen Pantry Plus Pack and you'll have the Adriatic in your kitchen as well!!

Ingredients: Adriatic salt, carob, garlic, lemon, rosemary, wild sage, ground lavender flower, parsley

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MCK Seasoned Salt


While chilli isn't a traditional spice used in Croatian meals, it is the main ingredient in Mikki's Croatian Kitchen. This flavoursome combination has just the right amount of spice to waken your taste buds but remains mild enough for those venturing into chilli. Use it as a seasoning salt to enhance chicken and turkey, but works just as well for vegan and vegetarian dishes or even added to hummus.

Ingredients: Adriatic salt, lemon, parsley stalks, charcoal, sea fennel, rosemary, capsicum, hot peppers, chilli


Vegetable Booster

There tends to be a standard vegetable seasoning in all Croatian kitchens, but Mikki's Vegetable Booster comes without the preservatives, MSG, and chemically-produced flavours. All of the ingredients are sourced from her garden without the use of pesticides and are then dehydrated and mixed by hand. Every batch may be unique as it will depend on the current harvest. 

It is excellent in soups, added to rice, meat, you name it!

Ingredients: Tomato, sea fennel, capsicum, aubergine, zucchini, cucumber, garlic, beans, cabbage


Adriatic Seasoning


Our Adriatic Seasoning is a combination of our own Lemons, Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic then add locally sourced Pag (Croation Island) Sea Salt and Pepper for another perfect all-round seasoning. 

Ingredients: Organic Lemon, Pag Sea Salt, Pepper, Sundried Cherry Tomatoes, Sundried Garlic. 


Sweet Sensations

The 3-pack essential Croatian sugar blend.

Enhancing your sweet delicacies with a little Croatian twist.


Lavender Powder

For delicious lavender flavour, use Lavender Powder as a replacement for icing sugar in desserts, baked goods, cream, drinks, icing, decoration and more.


Ingredients - Ground lavender flower and icing sugar


Lemon Sugar

For delicious lemon flavour, use Lemon Sugar as a replacement for sugar in desserts, baked goods, drinks, cocktails, decoration and more. Bring your desserts and sweet creations to the next level!

Ingredients - Lemon and caster sugar



Citrus Powder

Our Citrus Powder is infused with a variety of citrus fruits including lemon, grapefruit, and orange.  Use as a replacement for icing sugar in desserts, baked goods, cream, drinks, icing, decoration and more. See our website for recipes and more ideas!

Ingredients - Lemon, orange, grapefruit and icing sugar


Taste our seasonings for yourself ... 
book one of our cooking workshops today! 

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