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May - our garden bloom!

Having garden-fresh produce is such a pleasure, but it does require a lot of time and effort.

April in Croatian is Travanj: translates to grass, which grows after lots of rain!!!

We had to postpone our planting this year as we had an unseasonal cold snap in the valley which saw us having snowfall in April.

We decided we needed the assistance of a small bobcat to turn over our soil this year, then it was all hands on deck to pick out larger roots from old crops and any rocks.

Once the soil was prepared, then all the farrows needed to be dug and more weeding and removing any smaller rocks.

We planted - 2 rows of zucchini, 2 rows of cherry tomatoes, 2 rows of beef tomatoes and 2 more rows of Roma tomatoes, 2 rows of eggplants, cucumbers and sweet potatoes, 2 rows of capsicum, 2 rows of green beans, mixed lettuces, rocket, spinach, rhubarb, celery, parsley, sages, basil, chives, dill, mints, garlic, spring onions, oregano, chillies, thyme, coriander and this year we have planted lemongrass and ginger for the first time.

Over the first week of May, we will be harvesting lettuce, spinach and rocket, which will go towards my homemade pesto. I hope to put up a video of the process by the end of May.

We also planted 24 olive trees and cut bamboo for planting trellises in April so stay tuned for that project in the upcoming blog posts.

We have added new lavender and rosemary to our existing supply of plants to increase our yield for our seasonings, sugar powder, therapeutic wheat bags and body products.

Our "Mothering" special for this month of May is the choice of any of our Body Renew Duo Sets plus a large Reusable Gentle Makeup Remover Pad put together as a gift pack.

Spring is just a beautiful time of year, everything around us feels like it has yawned, stretched and re-energised. With the planting done, the daily watering, weeding, thinning, trimming and harvesting will become part of the routine. We will also be adding 20 new young chickens to our brood in a couple of weeks, so we have upgraded our coop, added a few surprises so stay tuned for another blog post when they arrive.


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