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Springtime, not your favourite season? Mikki´s Allergy and Sinus Workshop could be the answer.

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Sinus and allergies can be debilitating, each year millions of people worldwide suffer from these conditions without effective relief.

I can not cure allergies or sinusitis BUT I can help you to relieve the symptoms and teach you preventative techniques to help you cope.

Many other ailments are connected to allergy and sinus infections. Headache, migraine and even toothache. So let's look at some of the symptoms and how you could be suffering from BOTH at the same time.

Symptoms Allergies Sinus infection

Headache x x

Nasal congestion x x

Pain around cheeks and eyes x

Sneezing x

Itchy, watery eyes x

Thick, yellow/green discharge x

Difficulty breathing through the nose x x

Unable to blow your nose x

Tooth pain x

Fever x

Bad breath x

I will teach you how the following actions can assist pain relief:




Included in your workshop:

Learn an effective Pressure Point and sinus drainage technique.

Learn how to use essential oils safely, under my instruction as a qualified Aromatherapist.

Learn how to blend your own unique Synergy of Essential Oils, to help move the infection out of the sinuses, neutralize the inflammation and assist drainage.

How effective Mikki´s Therapeutic Wheat bag Duo used for hot/cold therapy can be.

Information pamphlet with diagrams and instructions to take home.

My gift to you for attending my workshop, Mikki´s Relief Blend a 30 ml synergy blend targeted to allergy and sinus relief.

Would you like to join me?

Make your booking today, click the link below.


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