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Why should you drop into Župa? Hidden waterfalls, history, clear water and friendly locals!

Župa Dubrovačka, just 15 minutes south of Dubrovnik Old Town. It extends from the Dubac pass through to Brgat, Postranje to Plat, the valley and coastline it encapsulates.

Dubrovnik may be the Jewel of the Adriatic but without Župa Dubrovačka her splendour would never have shined so brightly.

Of course, this is where Mikki´s Croatian Kitchen can be found, we are almost in the centre of the picture above. Take a look at my Workshop options then spend a day or two exploring our beautiful valley, pristine coast and enjoy a unique learning experience at the same time.

The names of our villages, Brgat, Čelopeci, Kupari, Mlini, Mandaljena, Postranje, Srebreno, remind us of the rich history Župa holds and its historical connection to the development of Dubrovnik. With Dubrovnik to the north and Cavtat to the south, the villages of Župa hold well-kept secrets. The valley provided not only the freshest produce of vegetables, fruits, nuts and oil to Dubrovnik, but the unique and famous red terracotta tiles atop the many roofs of Old Town Dubrovnik were made in Kupari.

Wedged between Dubrovnik and Konavle many tourists pass through the valley without ever appreciating what it hides. As Dubrovnik became too expensive for locals many have moved out to Župa making it one of the fastest-growing areas in the country.

Our beaches of Kupari, Srebreno, Mlini and Plat boast the cleanest, clearest waters. Pebbled beaches and rocky bays offer respite from the heat and safe havens for smaller boats. Our mountain villages with breathtaking views of the valley and the Adriatic sea, also provide a gateway over to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Meandering walkways once travelled by Roman soldiers and Napoleon's army alike, now attracts ramblers and hikers from near and far.

But the people of Župa are her crowning jewels, talented, strong, loyal and proud.

Their ancestors have historically been Ardians the Illyrian warriors and pirates. Apart from the Ardians, the Plerei also lived here, a peaceful Illyrian people from whom the name Brenum originated, as the Parish was called until the 20th century, then Sub Brenum, today's Srebreno.

Their most recent victory was pushing back the Serbian Army and holding the stronghold of Srđ Mount during the 1990 invasion. Their resilience is historical, they have excelled in sports, arts and music. They are grounded people with generous hearts and an enviable ability to find humour and pleasure in the simplest things.


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