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Please Stop Using Disposable Makeup Wipes, 5 valid reasons to use a REUSABLE MAKEUP REMOVER PAD.

The problem is that these one-use pads are horrible for the environment, so bad that if you care at all about Mother Earth, you’ll want to ditch them right now.

Many wipes are disposed of in landfills, and despite claims to the contrary, most are not biodegradable and do not rapidly break down, creating too much trash to fit in our landfills.

Of course, that’s just what’s in our landfills;

many people end up flushing wipes, which is devastating to the sewer systems, even if they claim to be “flushable” sheets.

“Cities, sewage providers, and wastewater treatment plants are suffering massive sewer blockages caused by collections of flushed wipes.” “The biggest environmental problem with makeup remover wipes is the sheer volume,” says Diana Felton MD, state toxicologist with the Hawaii Department of Health. She adds that many wipes can’t be removed during wastewater treatment and end up in our oceans and beaches.

Wipes and disposable pads litter beaches around the world, with the Marine Conservation Society estimating an average of 35 wipes found on every kilometre of beach in the UK.

Here in Croatia, many households have a septic tank system. Wipes are amongst the worst culprits for blockages, second only to sanitary products. Unfortunately, many septic systems are drained directly into irrigation or public waterways to "save expense".

Now With More Plastic, REALLY!

Many wipes are now available in individually-wrapped singles. :(

If being THE THIRD most WASTEFUL product in the world, doesn´t sway you into Never using disposable makeup remover wipes and pads, take a look at the following:

  1. Makeup wipes destroy your acid mantle, which is a delicate and important layer on the surface of your skin that keeps moisture in and junk out. Your acid mantle is how your skin protects itself from viruses, bacteria, and other nasty things that want in.

  2. Baby wipes are formulated to remove organic material from the surface of the skin.

  3. The chemicals used to preserve wipes can also irritate your skin – and that goes for fragrances, too.

  4. From a sustainability standpoint, these wipes and pads can also contaminate oceans and water sources since they are unable to naturally biodegrade.

  5. There are 7.6 billion pounds of wipes thrown into the landfill each year, which add up to 1.3 billion wipes tossed each day. That's 20 million makeup wipes a day being thrown into the trash. This makes wipes the third most wasteful product in the world.

Mikki´s reusable, gentle makeup remover pad is perfect for removing the day's makeup. Incredibly soft, absorbent and requires only warm water to get the job done. This long-lasting pad is a pillow for your skin, gentle, efficient, and a perfect way to end the day!

Also perfect for babies, toddlers and the elderly to gently clean their skin without the use of soaps and chemicals.

1 x reusable makeup pad in size of your choice

  • Medium pad: 10cm x 10cm

  • Large pad: 13cm x 13cm

  • Homemade in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

A simple step toward saving our planet from unwanted pollution.

ORDER NOW! Click the icon below.

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